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cross.inno.cut logoThe elaborated Action Planning is prepared for to help a Bulgarian SME which has high cost of processing goods and services as well as low employee efficiency, due to: obsolete business processes; lack of ISO certification 9001; and lack of an ERP system.
In this regard, the main threat for the company is losing customers that prefer competitors offering the same quality at lower prices thanks to the its business processes optimization.
If this is also your case, and if you are in the textile manufacturing business or in the finishing and processing of different textiles, then this article could help your company to improve its business performance and should assure a better visibility and positioning of the company among key markets and players. If the company implements this proposed Action plan, the company will be able to meet on better way the market demands of high quality production at low prices.
You can download the 11th newsletter in PDF format, by clicking here.

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