9th Newsletter is available online

cross.inno.cut logoIn the 9th newsletter we provide information about how the implementation of the CROSS.INNO.CUT project has been supported and enhanced through the use of innovative designed and implemented online applications and tools.

In order to achieve wider impact and to ensure the replication of the project results a web portal has been implemented to support the implementation of the project and the dissemination of its results. The portal acts additionally to all the activities of the project.

The collaboration between the projects’ stakeholders has been enhanced through a special web application integrated in the project web portal. CROSS-INNO-CUT stakeholders of the online community of interest have initiated a number of discussions that addressed issues on the digital toolbox and improved significantly its performance.

The cost cutting digital toolbox enables Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), mainly in the manufacturing sector, to assess their costs in all the thematic areas addressed in the CROSS.INNO.CUT project.

You can download the 9th newsletter in PDF format, by clicking here

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