About the project

The CROSS.INNO.CUT Project addresses directly to factors that hinder the competitiveness of enterprises and regional development in the cross-border Greece – Bulgaria area. These factors are: the excessive operating costs, caused by non – efficient allocation of resources (raw materials, the utilization of fixed assets, the amount of finished stocked goods, energy, supply chain management, improved utilization of human resources); the low degree of cooperation between enterprises and research entities and the absence of channels to apply innovation management techniques (IMTs) for reducing operating costs in the business sector of the whole cross-border area.
The Project builts on the positive effect of previous initiatives on the field of fostering entrepreneurship and infusing innovation in enterprises in Northern Greece and South-West Bulgaria regions. In Greece, such were the network between Federation of Industries of Northern Greece and Bulgarian Industry Association within the frame of the initiative of Thessaloniki Forum conference the last decade, the Prosegisis project, which introduced the IMT’s application during the period 1996 – 2000 and which is thought as a best practice throughout the EU. In Bulgaria the RIS BRIDGE South West Bulgaria Project, which aimed to tackle medium-to-long-term challenges for boosting innovation and creating an innovation-friendly environment, is the most typical paradigm of initiatives of this kind.
Also, there is a large number of Interreg projects since the late of ‘90’s, that highlight the importance of promoting the business, research and technological cooperation in the cross-border area. Thus, it is of utmost importance to support executives and entrepreneurs during the elaboration and implementation of their overall business strategy. At last, it is very important to underline that the European Union has recognized this aspect early, promoting the implementation of IMTs already in the mid-90’s as a best practice.