Blueprint explaining cost-cutting innovative technological solutions to SMEs

cross-inno-cut-blueprintThis book is published in the framework of Cross-Inno-Cut of European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013. The book aims to exemplify cost-cutting innovative technological solution to SMEs in the area.

The book is published under the collaborative effort of the Cross-Inno-Cut working team, which is composed of Dr. Sotiris Zygiaris, Dr. Elena Sefertzi, Mrs. Maria Schoina, Mrs. Anastasia Martzopoulou, Mrs. Paraskevi Tarani, Mr. Kostas Tramantzas and Mr. Ioannis Komninos, as members of the Cross-Inno-Cut working team of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Urban and Regional Innovation Research Unit (URENIO).

All the partners of the Cross-Inno-Cut project have enriched this edition with important contributions.

The book presents in practical terms selected cost reduction innovative technologies, which could be applied as pilot actions in the project.

You can download the book in PDF format from here. File size 25.1MB, 114 pages.

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