Industrial Association – Petritch

RIA-Petrich Municipality is a non-governmental organization, branch of Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business. RIA – Petrich Municipality participate in the Tripartite Council for cooperation between employers, state and syndicates for the Municipality of Petrich and Sandanski. The structure of the organization is as follows: General Council, Managing Council (President of the Managing Council), Controlling Council, Executive Director.
RIA – Petrich Municipality prepares analyses, studies and expertise assessments in the field of the industrial policy, environment and industrial relations; deals with internationalization issues, technological renovation and innovations. RIA – Petrich Municipality has attracted the leading businesses from the region, maintains good relations with the Municipal authorities and with the representatives of the leading educational institutions in the region. RIA – Petrich Municipality supports the business community in international challenges: competitiveness, environment, development of knowledge-based economy.
RIA – Petrich Municipality is co-founder of the “Euro Region Struma” between Bulgaria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Greece.
RIA – Petrich Municipality maintains contemporary Centre for Professional Education and has the SISCO license for trainings.

RIA-Petrich project experience
RIA – Petrich Municipality was the regional coordinator in a project “Increasing the Administrative Capacity of the Regional Structures of the Bulgarian Industrial Association” with leading partner Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business. We were partner in a project connected to the healthy and safety labour conditions.
RIA – Petrich Municipality submitted 6 proposals under the previous call of European Territorial Cooperation Program Greece-Bulgaria 2007 – 2013.

Contact data

Name Regional Industrial Association – Petrich Municipality (RIA-Petrich Municipality)
Address 2850 Petrich, 10 Macedonia Square, Blagoevgrad District
Web page
Legal Person Ilia Makariev Levkov, Chairman and Executive Director
Status NGO, industrial and employers association, 100% private funding