The overall objective of CROSS-INNO-CUT is to strengthen the regional development through the improvement of competitiveness of enterprises located in the cross-border area of Northern Greece and South-West Bulgaria. In order to achieve this, the project is disseminating innovations for cost reduction related to (a) excessive operation costs, (b) non-efficient allocation of resources, and (c) the insufficient use of energy.

Quotes about the project

Joint actions under the CROSS.INNO.CUT project contributed to the improvement of the relationship between the academic and business communities of North Greece and South Bulgaria. The trustworthy partnership and mutually beneficial cooperation, built up for the purposes of the project has the potential to be broadened, by applying the project innovative cost cutting methodology to more enterprises.Associate Professor Dr Desislava Stoilova, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics, South-West University "Neofit Rilski" - Blagoevgrad
I highly appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Cross.Inno.Cut methodology (the detailed mapping of operating costs in business in six key areas of possible excessive costs), implemented by the enterprises during the project.Prof. Dr.S. Kiril Anguelov, Cross.Inno.Cut Consultant
The implementation of the action plan under the framework of the Cross.Inno.Cut project reduced our production costs by 7% in six months.Mr. Constantinos Constandinides CEO PELOPAC S.A.
With a simple and low cost proposal for the implementation of a specific action plan, we reduced our entry costs in the Turkish market, during the financial crisis by 70%. The Cross.Inno.Cut proved really valuable to our company.Christos Ginis, Ph.D. CEO EUROCO S.A.
I was impressed by the detailed documentation of six potential operational cost reduction areas in a firm. The methodology of Cross.Inno.Cut project was truly innovative, and its implementation was successful.Theodoros Seremetakis, MBA Cross.Inno.Cut Consultant
My long experience from similar consulting projects and innovative interventions in SME’s in Greece, suggests that the Cross.Inno.Cut methodology is absolutely applicable. Congratulations!!!Roula Triantafilidou, Ph.D. Cross.Inno.Cut Consultant
The Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (F.I.N.G.) successfully implemented a truly applied program that benefited our company in its daily operation. The Cross.Inno.Cut project is essential to continue and implemented in other industrial SME’s in the Greek periphery.Mr. Vaios Koudoumakis CEO Thrace distillery and winery S.A.
The continuation and implementation of Cross.Inno.Cut methodology, in a larger business group from the initial 100 industrial SMEs, is our goal for the near future. The Cross.Inno.Cut project and its methodology really fulfilled the expectations of the firms of Northern Greece and Southern Bulgaria.Christos Georgiou, Ph.D. Director, Research and Documentation Department, Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (F.I.N.G.) Project Manager of Cross.Inno.Cut
The knowledge and experience of the lead partner and the other members of the Cross.Inno.Cut consortium and the transfer of expertise to the Federation of Industries of Xanthi, constitute the best legacy for the future implementation of the Cross.Inno.Cut methodology in industrial SMEs in the cross border area.Mr. Vasilios Skarlatos President Federation of Xanthi’s Industries named “Democritus”
When the scientific team presented the Cross.Inno.Cut methodology, I thought that it was one more “theoretical model”. When I saw that it “operates” and that its guidelines are absolutely applicable for reducing operational costs, then I really understood its value and ease of use. Congratulations to all members of the consortium. I wish to continue and expand this initiative!!!Spiros Hioteris, MBA Cross.Inno.Cut Consultant
The management and coordination of a complex project like Cross.Inno.Cut was a major challenge for us that demanded our intense efforts. The success of the project and its impact on the companies that have applied its methodology is the best reward for us.Vangelis V. Kopsacheilis, Ph.D. Electrical Engineer Researcher, Research and Documentation Department, Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (F.I.N.G.)